Ultimate Collab Case

A mixed case of  12 beers, 10 different collabs. The ultimate beers with mates!

A range of hoppy beers, brewed in collaboration with friends from the UK, States, and New Zealand.

2x Land Of Arches | Pale Ale | 4.4% alc. Collab with Track.

2x Greek Nathan's Footlong Yogurt Hot Dogs | Pale Ale | 4% alc. Collab with 360 Degrees Brewing.

1x Your Version Of The Truth | DDH IPA | 5.6% alc. Collab with Verdant.

1x The Hunt Is On | Red IPA | 6.5% alc. Collab with Siren.

1x Gebenroth | Helles | 4.8% alc. Collab with Libero.

1x Welcome To Ogg World | West Coast IPA | 6.7% alc. Collab with Common Space & Steven Ogg.

1x The Big East | Pale Ale | 3.5% alc. Collab with House Of Fu.

1x You're My #1 Guy | DDH IPA | 6.5% alc. Collab with Hop Revolution.

1x Men With Ven | Pale Ale | 3.5% alc. Collab with Manchester Craft Beer Festival.

1x The Power Of The Sun | New England IPA | 6.5% alc. Collab with Azvex.


Sold out. 😞

More goodness.

At Sureshot we're all about brewing beer to be enjoyed. High quality & small batch. From the belly of Manchester.

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